Why Blog? You got me…

July 5th, 2010

Laurie and I were talking about this… why blog? Facebook provides the outlook for most of the “keep up to date about us” stuff that seems to be de rigueur in today’s hyperconnected world. It’s not exactly journalling 2.0, b/c the deep meaty self conversation that you get into with your journal isn’t really the stuff that needs to be posted and fully indexed by google. So, why bother? I suppose the number of posts that I have posted is indicative of this belief… ;-)

Infectious Habitatis

October 19th, 2009

Habitat Logo

I’m at a point in my volunteering with Habitat for Humanity that I’ve literally been volunteering with Habitat longer than I haven’t (I started when I was 17 and I’m pushing 38 as of next month).

I find myself constantly amazed at how it keeps bringing me back around to issues of faith, and drawing me back into wonderment.

I may be able to post some big news shortly about Habitat that is both exciting and empowering. Stay tuned!

4 Miles… the new “3 Miles”

February 11th, 2009

The good fight is being waged. I’ve had some long runs on Sunday (6 miles is long right now).

But my mid week work outs, which used to be quick 3 mile runs, has extended to 4 miles.

4 miles… the new 3 miles.

A new website, a new era…

February 8th, 2009

    Laurie and I posted laurieandmatt.com several years ago as a web journal of our trip to Latin America in 2002. It was blogging before blogging was cool. We’ve literally not updated it since we touched down in RDU in May of 2003, and in a fit of technical hubris this weekend, I decided to launch google apps, change our personal email addresses, kill Yahoo! Mail Plus and revamp this site.

    While goofing around on Yahoo Web Hosting, I saw WordPress as free and available, and so I freely availed myself of it and here we go. Not sure where this is headed, so we’ll see how much of this is a fool’s errand.